Apple is about to release it’s quarterly financial report on 25 April and is expected to report a sales of 50 million iPhone units sold during the first 3 months of the year 2016.

As history has been made, Apple has sold nearly 896 million iPhone units between June 29, 2007 (when the first iPhone was introduced) and the end of the year 2015. Adding this with the expected sales to be reported in April, this will make it to nearly 946 million iPhone units. If the the analysis and previous released reports are correct, Apple is on its way to sell its 1 billionth iPhone this summer.

Apple is aiming to reach this milestone before July. If the launch of the new iPhone SE is successful then the company will achieve its milestone in no time. The Wall Street guys have taken a personal interest in such a milestone and have forecasted that Apple will sell it’s billionth iPhone on July 20.

The most impressive part of the report is that the company is making the best selling tablet (iPad) and music player (iPod) and the Mac being among the top selling PCs, however the sales of iPhone so far has exceeded the combined sales of these three product lines altogether since 1993.

The iPhone product line itself is valued to be $155 million; gaining the fifth place on Fortune 500 list.

The company is not new to this type of milestone. In November 2014, they sold their 1 billionth iOS gadget (includes iPhone, iPod and iPad). In January, it was reported that 1 billion Apple devices were used by customers. But a single product line, namely iPhone, reaching such a milestone is a rewarding moment for Apple.

Apple has been selling the iPhone product over the past nine years. However, half of the sales have been achieved over the past two years. If the company continues at such a pace, then it is expected that they will sell their 2 billionth iPhone by the year 2020.

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