When you receive a multimedia message such as an audio or video file in iMessage, it will be kept forever on your iPhone. This can be useful if you want to scroll through your messages again to view the stored photo, audio or video messages but as time passes, they can take up a considerable amount of memory storage on your iPhone

Luckily, there’s a very simple way of setting audio and video files to be removed automatically after a certain period of time has passed. To find out how to do this, following our step-by-step guide below.

Automatically Remove Audio and Video Messages in iPhone, iPad or iPod

Step 1: From your Home screen, launch the Settings app.


Step 2: Open Messages


Step 3: You’ll now see a list of options for configuring Messages. Scroll down to the section that is labelled Audio Messages and tap on Expire.


Step 5: From here, you can choose whether audio messages should be kept forever or expire after 2 minutes. Choose the option that is labelled ‘After 2 Minutes‘. 


Step 6: If you want your videos to expire after 2 minutes as well then go back and open Expire from the Video Messages section and choose the 2 minutes option for expiration time.

Congratulations! After following the above steps properly, all the audio or video messages that you receive will be automatically removed from your iPhone after two minutes. You can always come back to this settings page and disable the automatic expiration for audio and video messages just like how you enabled it.

Keep in mind that once an audio or video message has been removed from iMessage, there’s no way that you can get it back so make sure your important multimedia files don’t get removed.

If you face any problems while following the above steps, make sure to let us know in the comments section below and we’ll gladly help you out.


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