The first thing we come across when unlocking our iPhone is the Lock screen. If you’re bored of the current style and would like to spice it up then check out a new jailbreak tweak called “SlideMe” which was released this week in Cydia for $1.49.

This new tweak changes the way passcode entry works on the Lock screen. It gives you a rotary styled passcode input interface where you have to rotate the dial to enter the correct passcode digits until the iPhone is unlocked.

SlideMe: spice up your Lockscreen passcode interface

SlideMe changes the way you interact with the passcode interface by introducing the concept of rotary dial. Instead of tapping on the passcode, users are required to drag their finger around the dial to select the specified number. If you are using a 4 digit passcode then you have to rotate it four times to have it unlocked. In addition, the tweak supports 6 digit passcode as well but does not support the alphanumeric ones.

When you slide the dial to a specific digit and lift off your finger, the selected digit will be inputted and shown in the middle of the dial.

SlideMe preferences


The SlideMe tweak installs a preference pane in the Settings menu where the features can be configured to your needs. There is kill switch toggle for enabling and disabling the tweak on demand along with some additional options.

You can customize the color of the unfilled or the filled ring, the border of the dial along with the text color. For selecting a color, a color picker is provided instead of a list of pre-definied colors so you have the freedom to choose whatever color you want.


At the top right corner of the tweak’s preference pane is a cog-like button, which when tapped, resprings your device and resets all the settings to the default value (if the “Reset Number” toggle is enabled). It is also necessary to respring your device every time you make changes for them to be applied.

Keep in mind that after you configure the tweak for the first time, it is crucial to respring your device twice in a row for the tweak to be activated and displayed the rotary dial passcode on Lock screen.

This tweak provides a very nice and decent interface which completely changes the way you interact with the Lock screen passcode interface. The downside is that it takes more time to unlock your iPhone when rotating the dial than if you had to input the passcode the normal way.

Another issue that I noticed while using the tweak is that it doesn’t provide a way to erase the last input in case you chose the wrong digit.

Anyone who is looking to change their passcode entry screen and bring a classical look to it should try this tweak. It is available in Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.49 and works with jailbroken devices running iOS 9 only.

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