Virtually everything on your iPhone (namely photos, mail, contacts, calendars, safari and notes) can be backup and stored on your iCloud accout. Additionally, these can also be restored on any new iPhone or a fresh iOS install. However the only thing that is left out are the SMS and iMessages.

Well messages can be backup and restored if you are willing to perform the task for all the contents. What if you only want to restore the message for now on a new and fresh iOS install.

Fortunately, this guide will show you how your SMS and iMessages can be backup and restored on individual basis as long as you are willing to spare a moment going through this.

Very important point to note, be sure that you have backup your device either through iTunes or iCloud.

Things that you require to follow this guide:

  • An iPhone
  • A computer
  • Lighting Cable
  • iTunes
  • iBackupBot

Step 1: Back up your iPhone containing the SMS you wish to have it saved on your computer. Be sure to have “This Computer” option selected. Once the backup is complete, unplug the iPhone. This backup can be used on the same iPhone (restoring) or a new one. If its the same iPhone (a fresh iOS install) then do a factory reset after restoring the back up. If its a new device then follow the initial setup until you reach the iOS homescreen.


Step 2: Connect your new iPhone or the same iPhone with a fresh iOS install. Open iTunes and perform the same process as you did in step 1. Once done, do not disconnect the attached iPhone.

Step 3: Open “iBackupBot” and select your recently back up file (you can identify the file by comparing the iTunes backup file timestamp, select the latest backup which we did in Step 2). Click on the triangle icon next to the back up file to open the drop down list and select “User Information Manager


Step 4: Click on the Message tab and choose Import. You will be asked to select the backup you wish to import from. Here you have to select the backup that was made in Step 1 (please note this carefully)

Step 5: Click OK on the Import Message window

iBackupBot-Step 4

Step 6: Once you click OK, the program starts merging the messages from previous back up to your selected back up. During the process, there might be a chance that the same message is getting merged and you will receive a pop up stating whether to replace it or skip it. Make sure to select the “Do this for all conflicts” check box and click on Yes to have it replaced. Once the merging is complete, you will receive a message confirming the number of messages and attachments merged together and click OK.


Step 9: Switch back to your iTunes, and click on restore button. When asked, select the back up that you created in Step 2 (this is the backup where the messages have been merged). Your iPhone will be restored from the backup selected which will include the messages that have been merged.

Step 10: Once the restore process is complete, check you message app to make sure that all of your selected messages have been restored. Later on you can have your contacts restored via iClouds or other third party app/services.

Well done, by now your new iPhone or a new fresh iOS installed iPhone should have all your messages restored. The process described seems to be a bit long, but having the option to only restore the messages is nice and worth the time.

If you have tried this, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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