Mobile forensics firm, Cellebrite, which helped the FBI gain access to a locked iPhone 5c belonging to the San Bernardino shooter is said to be confident that it can also hack into a locked iPhone 6, as reported by CNN.

The report comes after Italian father Leonardo Fabbretti approached Apple to help him access his son’s locked iPhone 6, who passed away from bone cancer at the age of 13. Before his death, the son, named Dama Fabbretti, added his father’s fingerprint to allow him access the device with Touch ID but after a restart, the iPhone required a passcode which the father didn’t know.

Apple’s customer care team attempted to help the father gain access to his son’s data from the cloud, but discovered that the information wasn’t backed up. Due to this, he was told by the team that he couldn’t enter into the device until the correct passcode was entered.

After hearing Fabbretti’s story in the news, Cellebrite stepped in to help the father crack into his son’s locked iPhone 6. He met with the company’s executives last week at their office in northern Italy, saying that “the meeting went well”. The group were “able to download the directories with the iPhone’s content, but there is still work to be done in order to access the files”.

The data that Fabbretti wants to access so desperately are his son’s photos and conversations along with a memorable collection of videos taken just three days before he passed away.

Cellebrite is strongly believed to be the firm who helped FBI crack into San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone 5c. The FBI stated last week that the method used to gain access to the device does not work successfully on other models of iPhone such as the iPhone 5s and later.

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Via: CNN

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