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Many applications take advantage of keyboard shortcuts to allow users to perform common tasks more efficiently. Mac OS X also comes with a set of general shortcuts which you can use to quickly access specific features and functionality such as taking screenshots, viewing the emoji keyboard and much more.

To provide more flexibility to users, OS X also allows you to set custom keyboard shortcuts for your favorite applications. To find out how to do this, follow our step-by-step guide below.

How to Set Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Mac OS X

Step 1: Open the Apple menu and click on System Preferences


Step 2: Choose Keyboard


Step 3: Here you’ll find all the preferences related to keyboard. Switch to the Shortcuts tab


Step 4: From the left sidebar, choose App Shortcuts and then click on the plus “+” button to add a new shortcut

App Keyboard Shortcuts

Step 5: A pop-up appears where you can set the new custom shortcut.

You’ll have to choose the application the shortcut belongs to and the combination of keys which should be pressed for the new shortcut. You also have to enter the Menu Title, which is the exact name of the menu command this shortcut should be assigned to. For instance, in Safari, if you open the File menu, there is an option called ‘Export as PDF…’. If you wanted to create a keyboard shortcut for this option then Menu Title should have the exact name as this option, which is ‘Export as PDF…’.

New Custom Keyboard Shortcut For App

Step 6: Once you’ve entered all the required fields, click the Add button. Your new keyboard shortcut will now be visible in the list of App Shortcuts.

Step 7: The last thing you have to do is to restart your Mac for the new keyboard shortcut to be applied to the application you just chose.

That’s all you have to do to create a custom keyboard shortcut for an application of your choice. To remove a specific keyboard shortcut, simply head to Keyboard preferences where you added a new shortcut, choose the keyboard shortcut you want to remove and then click on the minus “-” button.

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