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There are many tweaks out there that allows you to mingle with the volume sliders and settings. Volume Mixer 2 is a new tweak released this week that allows you to configure all your volume settings in one interface and in fact is the successor to the original Volume Mixer.

There are various volume settings in your iOS devices. For instance, you have media volume that controls the sound output of all your audios and video. On the other hand you have the ringer volume which controls the sound output of ringtones, alerts and alarms. In this review, we will show you have this tweak works.

Using Volume Mixer 2 to configure your volume settings

As said earlier, Volume Mixer 2 is successor to the original Volume Mixer which is still up and running. However, the old one supports only iOS 7 and iOS 8. This new tweak has some added feature and of course supports the latest running iOS 9. Just like its predecessor, it provides you options to configure the following volume settings:

  • Ringtone
  • Audio/video
  • Bluetooth Headset
  • Bluetooth Headphones
  • Phone call receiver

These five options can be configured independently of each other. For instance, if you have set your ringtone volume level to 100% and your Audio volume level to 40%, then when you receive a message alert or phone call the volume is at it’s max. However, when you listen to your music the volume is set to 40%. The same applies to other volume options.

Once the tweak is installed, a preference pane is added to the settings menu allowing you to configure the volume settings to your demand.


The following configurations can be made using Volume Mixer 2:

  • Select the activation gesture to activate the tweak’s interface
  • Select the types of volume level sliders you want it to appear
  • Whether or not to display the volume percentage
  • Whether or not to enable the background blur
  • Select the type of skin for the interface
  • Customize the color of the interface including left slider, right slider, text and thumb grabber.

Under the Sort section, you can select and sort which type of volume settings to be displayed and in what order. Many users won’t be using any kind of bluetooth headset and therefore they can choose to remove the Bluetooth headset slider from the interface. There are 4 types of skin offered by this tweak: Default iOS, Cream round, Cream rect and Metal. You can also get to configure and choose the color of your choice for the sliders, text and thumb grabber from a list of pre-defined set of colors.


Volume-Mixer-2-slider color

Volume Mixer 2 offers the same set of comfort as the original tweak by making it easier to access all your volume setting from one place. I am sure many users will find it useful as it uncomplicates all the differing volume settings plus with Activator integration, you can use it anywhere on your iOS device.

One downside of this tweak is the lack of access through Notification center tab which was present on the original tweak. However, this feature has been replaced by Activator which is installed on most or all jailbroken device. If you want to have access to all your volume settings, you can give it a try by installing it from Cydia’s Bigboss repo which is available for 99 cents. If you own the original Volume Mixer, then you can download this updated tweak for free of cost. This tweak works only on jailbroken devices running on the latest iOS 9

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