The most common volume modes used on any iPhones are the ringer and media volume. Ringer volume is adjusted to control the level of any ringtones, notifications, and SMS sound while media volume controls the audio and video playback sounds. However, the volume keys allows you to only adjust the Ringer’s sound while the media’s sound can be adjusted through the control center. If and only if the music or video is being played, then the volume keys can adjust the media sound.

If you dislike the iOS default controls, then SwitchHUD is the solution. This tweak allows you adjust any of these volume modes by using an Activator gesture.

How does SwitchHUD works

The main problem with iOS default volume controls is that the volume keys only controls the level of ringer sound. Whenever I want to adjust the media volume before playing any audio/video, I always use the volume keys as a force of habit. Therefore, my audio/video starts with a high tone giving me a sudden jerk and explosion of eardrums. After which the volume keys actually allows you to control the media sounds which is too late. Well done iOS! Well done!

The main problem here is the “Before” scenario, where I try to adjust the media’s sound level using the volume keys which in this case I am actually adjusting my Ringer’s sound. This is where SwitchHUD comes to rescue. It allows you to switch between any volume mode, which once selected can be adjusted using the volume keys. This means I can adjust my media’s sound 100% using the volume keys anywhere and anytime even when the audio or video is not playing.

Installing this tweak adds a simple preference pane to the Settings menu where the feature can be enabled or disabled at your demand along with choosing a gesture to toggle between the volume modes.



Tapping on “Toggle Methods” allows you to choose an activator gesture from the list provided



I have chosen “Double Tap Left” on status bar to allow me to switch between Ringer and Media volume controls since it is accessible anywhere on the iOS. Once we double tap on the left side of status bar, we’ll get the Ringer volume. Double tapping again will switch to Media volume.

SwitchHUD is an easy to use tweak where it allows you to simply switch between any volume modes by simply performing your selected gesture. On of the advantage of this tweak is that once the volume modes has been switched, that particular volume mode can be controlled by the volume keys as well.

However on the contrary, at some point the tweak doesn’t perform as promised and fails to toggle to another volume mode when the gesture is performed. It gets stuck on a particular volume mode and after repetitive tries, it starts to function normally. The developer need to work on this small glitch to make a perfect working tweak.

If you want to give this a try, head to Cydia’s Bigboss repo and download it for free. It works on iPhone running on iOS 8 and iOS 9.


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