Add Custom Ringtones to your iPhone

The first iPhone was launched in the year 2007 and ever since then adding a custom ringtone has been a tedious job. The process is quite a bit long and requires using iTunes (yes, you read it right). If you are committed then it is possible to add custom ringtones to your iPhone. After repeated try, this process will become easy.

If you really want to add custom ringtones to your iPhone lets say the old Nokia SMS tune or a song from Adele “Hello” then you don’t have much of a choice but stick to using iTunes. Either this or you can purchase a ringtone from Apple Store (which most likely won’t be happening) or use the one that comes equipped with iPhone. The choice is yours. If you decided to add a custom ringtone, then follow the guide and enjoy with your custom ringtone afterward.

Section 1: iTunes

Whenever you get to know iTunes is involved you get goosebumps and trust me you are not the only one. Simply because iTunes is confusing to use and has loads of features let alone add custom ringtones to your iPhone. Therefore the first thing you require is to have an updated iTunes and obviously a song to add as ringtone.

Section 2: Add custom ringtones to your iPhone

Once you have your song ready, follow the below steps:

Step 1: The first thing is to convert your song from MP3 to AAC. To do this add your song to iTunes and right-click on it to convert. Choose “Create AAC Version” from the list.

iPhone-Custom-Ringtone-Step 1

Step 2: Once the AAC version is created, you need to delete the MP3 version in order to avoid any confusion or causing any error in the process.

Step 3: Drag the AAC version of the song (which will have .m4a format) to desktop. Rename the format to “.m4r” which is the format used for special ringtone file.

iPhone-Custom-Ringtone-Step 3

Step 4: Once done, drag the song with .m4r format to iTunes. Before doing so, you are required to delete the old song with .m4a format in iTunes library to avoid any duplication and confusion in the process. Once you drag and drop it, iTunes automatically detects it as a special ringtone. Check the Tones tab to make sure that the song has shown up and is detected as ringtone.

Step 5: If in iTunes you have selected to “automatically sync when iPhone is connected”, then the iPhone should sync the new ringtone automatically. If not, then you have to sync it manually.

iPhone-Custom-Ringtone- Step 4

Even after sync, your tones didn’t appear then click on “Tones” on the iTunes tab and select “Sync Tones”. Here you can select whether or not all the tones are to be synced or sync only the selected ones.

iPhone-Custom-Ringtone- Step 5

After you have manually sync the ringtones, double check with your iPhone to make sure that the process has been successful.

iPhone-Custom-Ringtone- Step 6


This is it. Yes it was a long and tiring process just for adding a single custom ringtone. Imagine doing this for multiple ringtones. Ofcourse, the easy way out is to purchase ringtone from the Apple store but what if you can’t find what you are looking for?

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