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On Saturday, SV150 published its annual ranking of the top 150 public tech companies in Silicon Valley by revenue and this time, Apple topped the list again with an estimated sales of $235 billion in 2015. The company was followed by Alphabet which had a sales of $75 billion and Intel which ranked third with a total sales of $55 billion.

The companies that make up the SV150 generated a total net profit of $133 billion, a 4.1 percent increase from the year before, and total sales were estimated to be $833 billion. Apple produced the biggest chunk of net profit in the region, estimated to be $53.7 billion, which is a whopping 40 percent of the Bay Area tech industry’s total $133 billion in net profit. The company also accounted for 28 percent of the region’s $833 billion in 2015 sales.

Apart from having the biggest profit gains, Apple also topped the list for generating the largest pile of cash, investments, calculated to be $205 billion in 2015. “The SV150 generated a combined $216 billion in cash from their operations in 2015, up from the year before by 5.5%. That was about a third of the 16.2% gain produced in 2014. The cash helped the SV150 fund $122.5 billion in stock buybacks and dividends, down 9 percent from the year before, and $10 billion in acquisitions, down 65% from 2014. 

Meanwhile, the $75 billion sales from Google’s parent company Alphabet represented approximately 57% of the total for all Silicon Valley internet companies, followed by eBay and PayPal.

Apple reported a sales of 74.8 million iPhones for the first quarter of fiscal 2016, a slight increase from the year before, but Chief Executive Tim Cook said that iPhone sales in the first three months of 2016 is expected to decline compared to a year ago. The question that remains is whether Apple will be able to top the list next year again?

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