Ever wanted to take control of your privacy when using Facebook and Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone? Check out a new jailbreak tweak called SilentMessenger that protects your privacy when using Facebook.

With SilentMessenger, you will be able to use Facebook and Facebook Messenger more privately by hiding your last seen timestamp from your Facebook friends as well as your online status Moreover, it provides the following options:

  • Hide the typing indicator so that your friends will not know when you’re typing a message for them
  • Disable read receipts so that others can’t find out whether you’ve read their message or not
  • Enable ‘Do Not Track’ mode to prevent Facebook Analytics from sending your usage data and statistics to Facebook

Apart from all these privacy features, the tweak comes with enhancement features that will allow you to send an unlimited number of photos in a message, send videos without any duration limit, prevent videos from playing automatically in Facebook app as well as switch accounts in the Facebook Messenger app.

Upon installing SilentMessenger, venture into its preferences pane in Settings to get started. From there, you can enable or disable each of the features that we just mentioned earlier. Moreover, you’ll find a description below each of them to understand what they do.

SilentMessenger jailbreak tweak

At the bottom of the pane, you’ll find a toggle labelled Silent Mode. If enabled, all of the following take place:

  • Your last active time and online status is hidden
  • Disables typing indicator
  • Disables read receipts
  • Facebook’s VoIP feature will be disabled for you
  • A blue banner is disabled in Facebook Messenger indicating that this mode has been turned on

Keep in mind that if you enable Silent Mode then you will not be able to see the last active time, online status, typing indicator and read receipts of other users as well.

SilentMessenger is a great tweak for getting complete control of your privacy in Facebook. As Facebook normally doesn’t allow you to control your privacy and what information is shown to other users, this tweak is a good way of putting things in your own hand.

If you’d like to install SilentMessenger, it is available for $1.5 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo and supports iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 7 – iOS 9. Leave your opinion about this tweak in the comments section below.

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