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With the release of iOS 9.3, Apple introduced an interesting new feature called Night Shift. What this feature does is that it reduces the strain on your eyes, especially when you’re in a dark environment, by reducing the blue light emitted from your device and adjusting the colors on your screen to appear more warmer to make it more pleasant to the eyes.

Night Shift can be enabled or disabled manually through Control Center but a better usage would be to schedule it so that it would turn on and off automatically at certain times of the day or night. For instance, it can be scheduled to be enabled during the evening hours and to be turned off at sunrise.

In this guide, we will show how you can schedule Night Shift to be enabled or disabled automatically on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Schedule Night Shift to Turn On or Off Automatically

Step 1: Launch the Settings app

Step 2: Go to Display & Brightness

Step 3: Tap on Night Shift under Brightness section

Step 4: You’ll now see all the settings for Night Shift. In here, you’ll find a toggle labelled Schedule. Tap on it to toggle on the schedule option

Step 5: Once you’ve enabled it, open the section labelled ‘From – To’. Here, you can schedule the hours during which Night Shift should be turned on. For instance, you can schedule it to be enabled from 6PM up to 12AM.

Step 6: Once you’ve chosen the schedule, go back to the previous page of Night Shift and adjust the Color Temperature, which can range from ‘Less Warm’ to ‘More Warm’.

After you’ve configured the above settings, close the Settings app and watch as your device automatically turns on Night Shift during the scheduled hours and disables it outside the scheduled period. This will continue every day until you choose to disable the schedule feature. To do so, head to the same settings page for Night Shift and turn of the ‘Schedule’ toggle.

Following this method, you no longer have to manually enable or disable Night Shift from Control Center. With that said, you can still turn it on or off manually during the scheduled periods.

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