iPhone Unread Emails

Emails are no stranger to any user. Most users have more than one email account and use it as means of communication for work or personal purpose. With multiple email accounts added to your iPhone, there is a possibility that a lot of emails will pile up in your unbox which will be left unread.

Today, we are going to show how you can keep tap of all your unread emails by separating them into a different folder in the stock Mail app for iOS. This folder will keep track of the unread emails from all your added accounts and show them to you in a single place. Follow our step-by-step guide below to find out how to filter your unread emails.

How to separate unread emails into a different folder

Step 1: Launch the iOS Mail app

Step 2: Navigate to the main page called Mailboxes

Step 3: Tap on the Edit button located in the top-right corner, as shown below

Unread-Emails-Step 3

Step 4: Here, you’ll view a list of all the filters you can apply to your emails. Scroll down until you find the Unread filter. Select by tapping on it and then press the Done button.

Unread-Emails-Step 4

Step 5: Once you’re back to the Mailboxes screen, you’ll notice a new folder has been added called Unread. Open this folder to view all the emails from your attached accounts that haven’t been read yet.  Once you view an unread email, it will be automatically removed from this folder

Unread-Emails-Step 5

That’s all you need to do to tidy up your mailbox and view all your unread emails from a single place. In this way, you won’t miss on any important email arrives in your inbox. If you’d like to remove the folder, you have to follow the same steps as above but this time you’ll have to untick the Unread filter.

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