Battery Cycle Count

We all desire for a long lasting battery life but unfortunately that is not the case. Recently I have been having issues with my late Macbook Pro 2012 because my battery drains much faster than before. After snooping around the system’s preferences and Apple Support website, I came across the term “Battery Cycle Count”. The cycle count shows how long your macbook’s battery will last before it is depleted and require a replacement service. In this article, we will show how you can check your Macbook battery cycle count and what it exactly means.

How to Check Macbook’s Battery Cycle Count

Step 1: Click the Apple icon on the top-left hand corner of your screen and hold the Option/Alt key.

Step 2: Click on “System Information

Step 3: Under Hardware tab, scroll down until you locate “Power“. Click on it.

Step 4: On the right pane, under Battery Information header you should find Health Information. Under this header you can view your battery cycle count as well it’s condition.

As seen in the below screenshot, my battery count is sitting at 616 (Bad news)

Battery Cycle Count - Step 4

Under the Cycle Count, the condition of the battery is given. This will help you identify if the battery is normal or requires some service attention. Unfortunately, in my case it seems my battery does require some services (most probably a replacement) since the condition is “Service Battery”.

You can visit the Apple Support page to determine the battery cycle count of your Macbook. The document provided will help you identify your Macbook’s battery cycle count and decide whether it requires service or not.

In my case, my Macbook Pro 2012 can go up to 1000 cycle count before it is considered as consumed/depleted and requires a replacement. This doesn’t necessarily means you can’t use your Macbook no more. You can use it as normal but, your battery drains much faster and you end up constantly plugging it to your charger.

What is Battery Cycle Count and how is it determined

A battery cycle is when your battery goes from 100% to 0%. This could span multiple times throughout the day. It is important to note that 1 battery cycle is accounted when 100% of the battery has been used up. Therefore 1 battery cycle = 100%. For instance if you used your Macbook till 50% and kept it on charge to be fully recharged (100%) then it is accounted for half cycle. The next day when you use the other 50%, then it will be counted as 1 battery cycle. That is why you keep recharging multiple times however your battery cycle shows a few hundred counts.

If your Macbook’s battery count has pass it’s maximum limit then you have to visit your Apple store to have it replaced. However, if you have other battery issues despite the battery cycle count being within its limit then you have to get the problem diagnosed and perform the necessary actions to have it fixed.


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