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Seems it wasn’t enough for Apple to have Tim Cook named as the most 100 influential person in Time’s Magazine. This time the publication has released a list of the 50 most influential gadget of all time and has paid attention to some of Apple’s Product line.

The publication has listed iPhone as the most influential gadget of all time; asserting that it has fundamentally changed the relationship between computing and information.

“Apple was the first company to put a truly powerful computer in the pockets of millions when it launched the iPhone in 2007. Smartphones had technically existed for years, but none came together as accessibly and beautifully as the iPhone. Apple’s device ushered in a new era of flat, touchscreen phones with buttons that appeared on screen as you needed them, replacing the chunkier phones with slide-out keyboards and static buttons. What really made the iPhone so remarkable, however, was its software and mobile app store, introduced later. The iPhone popularized the mobile app, forever changing how we communicate, play games, shop, work, and complete many everyday tasks.”

The listing of Apple’s product doesn’t stop there. Sitting on number 3 is Apple Macintosh indicating that with amazing graphical user interface, easy to use mouse and friendly appearance has forever set the standards for the way human beings interact with computers.

Number 9 on the list is Apple iPod initially introduced in 2001. The publication state that it was the introduction of iPod that altered the music players industry standards and made piracy more appealing by allowing users to carry thousands of song virtually on iPod without the need of cassettes or CDs. This is what lead to the birth of iTunes store which eventually became the world largest music retailers in the world. Not only did iPod exert an external drive but internally made Apple the most valuable company in the world.

Number 25 on the list is Apple iPad claiming it to be radically different from those offered by the competitors. Finally, the last Apple product to be listed as number 38 in Times Magazine is iBook praising it from being the first laptop to offer wireless networking.

“The iBook’s brightly-colored, plastic trim may look dated now, but it was the first laptop to offer wireless networking. Apple’s consumer-oriented portable—for its cool-factor as well as its technology—grew into a serious business. The product’s reveal was a classic example of Steve Jobs’ showmanship at its best. While loading a webpage and showing off the computer’s display at 1999’s MacWorld conference, the Apple co-founder lifted the computer off its table and walked across the stage. The crowd roared in approval. In a gesture, he showed that Wi-Fi was here to stay.”

If you are interested to read the list of all the top 50 influential gadget, you can view it here.

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