This week, Apple has confirmed to iMore and Loop the users’ worst nightmare that there is indeed a bug in iTunes that deletes music without any prior confirmation. This come after multiple disgruntled users have reported the incident to Apple and requesting a quick fix. Once the music is deleted from the library, there is no way to have it recovered.

As reported, Apple is unable to duplicate this issue in order to identify the root cause. Therefore they are pushing an update next week (as planned for iTunes 12.4) in the hope that the latest update might resolve the issue along with additional safeguards. The exact cause of such behaviour is unknown although many point out it to be the iTunes desktop app causing such incident rather than the Apple Music streaming services. Seems that iTunes prompt users whether to delete a duplicate/matching song found in iCloud and iTunes library leading to confusion and the users end up choosing “Delete Song”option which removes the downloaded song from both the iCloud and iTunes.



Apple has stressed that it takes such incident report seriously and has requested users who have faced similar problem to contact AppleCare. The Spokesperson for Apple told:

In an extremely small number of cases users have reported that music files saved on their computer were removed without their permission. We’re taking these reports seriously as we know how important music is to our customers and our teams are focused on identifying the cause. We have not been able to reproduce this issue, however, we’re releasing an update to iTunes early next week which includes additional safeguards. If a user experiences this issue they should contact AppleCare.

The best course of action for the moment is to ensure you have the recent backups of your library and in case you face similar issue, you can restore it to previous version and un-deleted music. If you have faced such situation, sound off your thoughts/feedback in the comment section below.

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