20 Hidden Features of iOS 10

Apple showcased the 10 major new features of iOS 10 at WWDC 2016. While these features are amazing, there are tons of others that were left unannounced. Most of these are useful features that might go unnoticed.

Today, we have compiled a list of the top 20 hidden features of iOS 10 that are worth checking out.

Quickly Filter Unread Emails

Unread Email Filter iOS 10

While it’s possible to make a separate folder for unread emails in Mail app, iOS 10 introduces a quick shortcut for doing this task. Now, when you’re in an inbox, you’ll find a filter icon in the bottom left corner that displays only the unread emails when tapped. This means that you can also view the unread emails for each of your email accounts separately.

Check if WiFi has Internet Connection

WiFi No Internet Connection iOS 10

A useful feature of iOS 10 that might go unnoticed is that you can now see whether the WiFi you’re connected to has a proper working internet connection or not. This information can be viewed from the WiFi configuration section of Settings. A ‘No Internet Connection’ text will appear below the WiFi you’re connected to.

According to one of our readers, the WiFi settings lets you know that WEP is is not secure and recommends you to switch to WPA.

Hide or Unhide Stock Apps

Finally Apple added the ability in iOS 10 to hide stock apps from your device and unhide them at a later time. When you tap and hold on a stock app, you’ll see a familiar ‘x’ button on the app that allows you to hide it. Apps that have been hidden can be re-downloaded again from the App Store.

There are still some default apps that can’t be hidden such as Activity, App Store, Clock, Camera, Find My iPhone, Health, Messages, Phone, Safari , Settings and Wallet.

Analogue Stopwatch

Analogue Timer Stopwatch iOS 10

In iOS 9 and older versions, the stopwatch timer in the Clock app is digital. iOS 10 introduces a new analogue watchface for the timer that features a seconds and minutes hands. By swiping the timer, you can switch between the digital and analogue design.

Individual Read Receipts in iMessage

Send read receipts for individual conversations

iMessage in iOS 10 now allows users to enable or disable read receipts for individual conversations. This applies for both group conversations as well as conversations with a single contact. This feature can be enabled or disabled by tapping on the ‘i’ button from the top right of a conversation thread and turning on or off ‘Send Read Receipts’.

Markup Photos

Markup Photos iMessage

Markup is a new feature that allows users to draw anything on images from the Photo Library. You can change the boldness of the pencil, choose the pencil color, add text and much more. Markup can also be done directly from iMessage.

Dedicated Music Section in Control Center


In iOS 10 Control Center, the music controls have been moved to a new dedicated page. To access it, simply swipe Control Center to the left and you’ll view a new page with playback controls, volume slider, song metadata etc.

Inline Video Playback in Safari

Inline Video Playback Safari

Apart from watching videos in fullscreen in Safari, iOS 10 now allows you to watch them inline within a webpage. When you play a video and it goes into fullscreen, simply tap on the shrink button in the bottom right corner of the video to watch it inline.

Mail App Now Shows Unsubscribe Button for Mailing Lists

Unsubscribe from mailing list iOS

Most of us will agree that emails from mailing lists can get annoying at times. In iOS 10, the Mail app automatically detects emails that are from a mailing list and displays an ‘Unsubscribe’ button.

Note Sharing and Collaboration

Note Sharing and Collaboration iOS 10

Notes app has a new feature in iOS 10 that lets users share their notes with others as well as allow them to edit that particular note, similar to how Google Docs works. You can invite others via a URL or through supported apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Once they get the link, they can open it to view and edit the note in iCloud.

To use this feature, notes have to be created with your iCloud account.

3D Touch in Control Center

3D Touch Control Center iOS 10

By performing 3D Touch gesture on a Quick Launch app in Control Center, the shortcuts for that particular app will be displayed. For instance, if you 3D Touch the Torch button, you can choose its light intensity.

Optimize Storage

Optimize Music Storage

If your iPhone is running out of space, iOS 10 offers a quick method for optimizing the storage. When enabled, it will automatically remove songs from your iPhone that you haven’t listened in a while.

To turn on Optimize Storage, go to Settings -> Music -> Optimize Storage and turn on the toggle. You can also choose the minimum amount of storage to be allocated to music.

Bedtime Feature

Bedtime Feature in Clock iOS 10

Apart from the Clock app getting a dark interface and an analogue stopwatch design, there’s a new tab called Bedtime. This new feature is useful for those who’d like to have a consistent sleeping routine. It allows you to set the hours of sleep you’d like to get daily as well as the time to wake up in the morning. It will then send a daily reminder when it’s time to sleep and wakes you up in the morning at the designated time.

Skip Tolls with Apple Maps

With iOS 10, Apple Maps now shows you the alternate routes which can be taken to skip tolls.

3D Touch in Spotlight Search

When you search for something in Spotlight such as an app or a contact, you can use 3D Touch to view the relevant shortcuts and widgets.

Apple Maps Remembers Where You Parked Your Car

Apple Maps Parked Car Location

With iOS 10, Apple Maps has gotten much smarter. It will now remember the location where you parked your car. Shortly after you disconnect from CarPlay, you will receive a notification with your car’s location. It can also detect when you enter and exit your car based on auto Bluetooth systems.

3D Touch Notifications for More Options

When in Control Center or Lock screen, you can 3D Touch on a notification to view the contextual menu offering additional options related to that particular notification. As an example, you can 3D Touch a Mail notification and choose to archive it right away.

Reactions in Messages

Reactions in iOS 10 iMessage

Earlier this year, Facebook rolled out a new feature for adding reactions to posts. iOS 10 comes shipped with a similar feature where users can tap and hold on an iMessage message and add a reaction to it such as thumbs up or thumbs down. This feature makes it more fun to use iMessage.

Unlimited Safari Tabs

Safari always had a limit on the amount of tabs that could be opened but with iOS 10, users can open as many tabs as they’d like. Not to forget that it can become annoying later when you’ve opened dozens of tabs.

Live Photos Editing

Just like normal photos, Live Photos can now be edited in iOS 10

These are some of the amazing new features of iOS 10 that weren’t showcased at WWDC 2016 and which might go unnoticed. If there’s anything else you’d like us to add to the list, let us know in the comments section below.

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  • xoFoxtail

    The Wifi screen also lets you know that WEP is bad and gives you a recommendation to change it to WPA

    • Ali (iBlogApple)

      Thanks! Will add it to the list.

  • Dakotah

    A number of interesting changes:
    1) The Mail, Contacts, and Calendars are now configured in separate preference panes.
    2) The Email options for threads now show up in one window with infinite swiping
    3) The Email folders for all of your accounts show up in the main screen.

    • Ali (iBlogApple)

      Thanks for sharing!