iOS 10 Lock screen widgets

In iOS 10, users can now view widgets directly from their Lock screen as well as Home screen. These widgets could be from stock iOS apps or third-party apps. Widgets are useful for taking a quick glance at certain information without launching the corresponding app.

To view the widgets on Lock screen, you’ll have to swipe the Lock screen from right to left. As for the Home screen, you’ll have go to the very first page and swipe again to the right. This will display a new page with a vertical list of all the widgets you’ve added. Tapping on the Show More button expands the widget to display additional information whereas pressing a particular widget will launch the corresponding app.

How to add a widget to iOS 10 Lock screen and Home screen

Step 1: From the widgets page in Lock screen or Home screen, scroll to the end of the list and tap on the Edit button.

edit widgets ios 10 lock screen

Step 2: A list of all the widgets that are available on your device will be displayed. The list is broken down into two sections. The first section is the widgets that you’ve already added to the Lock screen and Home screen and the second section labelled ‘More Widgets’ shows the widgets that haven’t been added.

Add lock screen widget

Step 3: Find a widget which you’d like to add and tap on the green plus button next to it to add it to both the Lock screen and Home screen. You can also reorder a widget by holding the grabber next to it and moving it up or down.

Step 4: Once you’ve added the widgets you want, press the Done button.

How to remove a widget from iOS 10 Lock screen and Home screen

Step 1: Removing a widget is quite similar to adding. Scroll to the bottom of the widgets list on the Lock screen or Home screen and tap on the Edit button.

Step 2: From the list of added widgets, locate the one which you’d like to remove, then tap on the red minus button and choose Remove. Alternatively, you can swipe a widget and remove it.

Remove Lock screen widget

New widgets will appear as you download apps from the App Store. Only those apps that have a dedicated widget will appear in the list.

What do you think of the new Lock screen widgets? Will you use them on a daily basis? Let us know in the comments section below.


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