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Apple’s recent filings revealed that the company fell short of its own annual sales and profit goals for the first time in 15 years. The decline in sales also affected CEO Tim Cook’s compensation as well as a number of other high-level executives working for the company.

The drop in 2016 sales may have been the result of customers being disappointed with the new iPhone 7, but the launch of the new MacBook Pro last year didn’t seem to receive much satisfaction either. After its shipment, many customers complained about the poor battery life performance, which fell short of the advertised ten hour mark.

Now a new report from IHS, a technology market research firm, provides more information about the MacBook lineup. Analysts predict that Apple will cut the production of the MacBook lineup by 16% this year. It is estimated that the company will produce 13.6 million notebooks in 2017 as compared to 16.2 million units produced last year, an overall 16% drop in production.

The firm also estimates that display purchases for the MacBook Air will drop from 6 million to 2.7 million units, mainly because the 11-inch variant could be discontinued completely. While the 13-inch model is still available for sale on Apple’s online store, the 11-inch variant has already been culled and removed from the store.

The discontinuation of the MacBook Air lineup could be due to the launch of the larger iPads which boast a similar computing power as the thin notebooks. Overall, the MacBook lineup hasn’t done well over the past couple of years as the company focuses more on the iPhone, but things could change for the better now that the new MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar are out.

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  • ScotNot

    “Recent filings” are from September, 2016. Is this intentionally misleading ahead of Apple’s upcoming filings in about a week or is the Guardian so behind schedule that it thinks we’re still in 2016? I like the guardian, but this is patent bullsht and you guys are doing the clickbait thing. It sux. Don’t do it. Wait two weeks, get some real news and try to react on time for a change.

  • BuckRogers

    Well, people like me stopped buying because Apple let up on trying. I’ll be buying an iPhone8 Plus and the next Macbook Pro if they max out the battery in it. Closer to the 97W/hr that Dell offers in their new XPS. I and many others do their research and this years MBP15 has a 24% smaller battery from the 2015 model. When I’m spending $3000 on a laptop, no thanks it has to be near perfect.