enable dark mode ios 10

In this tutorial, we will show you how to enable the dark mode effect in iOS 10 iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Dark mode is one of the most anticipated features of iOS. It is intended to apply a dark theme to the entire interface of iOS, thereby reducing the strain on your eyes when using your iPhone at night. Although Night Mode in iOS 10 aims to accomplish this, Dark Mode looks much better and stylish.

There were speculations that iOS 10.3 would come with a dark mode feature called Theatre Mode, but unfortunately this didn’t happen.

If you’re waiting eagerly for Apple to add dark mode to iOS 10, here’s a workaround trick that allows you to enable a somewhat similar dark mode effect in iOS 10.

How to Enable Dark Mode Effect in iOS 10

Step 1: Open the Settings app and go to General -> Accessibility -> Zoom.

Step 2: Turn on the toggle for Zoom.

enable dark mode ios 10

Step 3: A lens appears that zooms in a particular portion of the screen. Tap on the white grabber at the bottom of the lens.

enable dark mode ios 10

Step 4: From the popup menu that appears, select Choose Filter.

enable dark mode ios 10

Step 5: Tap on Low Light.

Step 7: Next, tap on the Resize Lens option. Adjust and resize the lens so that it covers the entire screen.

Step 8: Once done, slide the zoom slider to the left to completely zoom out the lens.

enable dark mode ios 10

You now have enabled the dark mode effect in iOS 10. Although it doesn’t look exactly like the actual rumored dark mode, it is more soothing to the eyes when you’re using the iPhone at night.

To disable this dark mode effect, go back to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Zoom and turn off the Zoom toggle.

Some apps in iOS 10 already have dark mode enabled by default such as the Clock app. Twitter also rolled out a similar dark mode feature recently called Night Mode. This gives us some hope that Apple may soon add Dark Mode to future iterations of iOS.

What do you think of this dark mode trick? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Nice Trick to enable dark mode on iPhone in enable ios 10.

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