download pokemon go ++ 1.29.1 / 0.59.1 hack

Here is how you can download Pokemon Go++ 1.29.1 / 0.59.1 iPA hack (PokeGo++) on iOS without jailbreaking. This Pokemon Go hack bypasses some restrictions of the game and brings new features.

Niantic has started rolling out a new update for Pokemon Go carrying version number 1.29.1 / 0.59.1. The update contains minor changes including text fixes and a change to the ‘First PokéStop of the Day’.

Now that this new update is released, it means that Pokemon Go++ users have to update their hack in order to fix any issues that they’re facing with the older version. In this guide, we will show you how to download PokemonGo++ (PokeGo++) 1.29.1 / 0.59.1 hack on iOS without jailbreak.

How to Download Pokemon Go 1.29.1 / 0.59.1 Hack on iPhone

Step 1: If you already have Pokemon Go installed on your iPhone, then delete it first.

Step 2: Download the following files on your computer:

Update (March 24): The hack has been updated for 1.29.1 / 0.59.1. Enjoy 😉

Step 3: Connect your device to your computer via USB.

Step 4: Open Cydia Impactor. Now drag and drop the Pokemon Go++ iPA file onto Impactor.

download pokemon go 1.29.1 / 0.59.1 hack

Step 5: You’ll be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password. It is sent to Apple to generate a signing certificate for installing the iPA file. If you don’t want to provide it,  create an alternative Apple ID and use that instead.

Step 6: Cydia Impactor will begin the installation of Pokemon Go++. Once it’s done, you should see Pokemon Go on your device’s Home screen.

Step 7: Before opening Pokemon Go, go to Settings -> General -> Profiles ( or “Device Management”). Find the profile with your Apple ID and open it.

Step 8: Tap on the Trust button.

Step 9: Go back to the Home screen and open Pokemon Go.

You have now successfully installed the latest version of Pokemon Go++ for 1.29.1 / 0.59.1 and shouldn’t be prompted for updates anymore or face any crash issues.

Pokemon Go++ is a hack that allows you to play the game more easily. It adds a joystick to walk around the map, allows you to fake your location and view IV stats of Pokemons before capturing them, and much more. If you can’t use the joystick for walking, make sure that you have the “Fake Location” option enabled. To do so, tap on the Pokeball icon added by the hack, click on the settings icon and there you should find the option.

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If you face any issues, let us know in the comments below.

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  • Josh SuperStars Wilde

    the 1.29.1 link is for 1.27.4 ?

    • Ali

      Yes, the new one had issues so it has been removed until it is re-updated. Will inform

      • Josh SuperStars Wilde

        ok thnx

  • Pinklovey Love

    i can’t use it.. in the process.. message mentioned
    I already have current IOS development certificate or pending certificate required.
    pls help . thank you

  • Stephanie Fung Lai

    1.29.1 link for 1.27.4?? >_<

    • Ali

      Yes, as mentioned in another comment, the new one had issues so it has been removed until it is re-updated. Will inform once it gets updated. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Adrian

    when will the 1.29.1 be ready to download?

    • Matthew Swanson


    • Ali

      @matthew_swanson:disqus @adrianmarsde:disqus No ETA. Seems like the people behind the hack faced issues and are not updating at the moment. Will keep you all updated.

  • Ali

    @adrianmarsde:disqus @matthew_swanson:disqus @stephaniefunglai:disqus @joshsuperstarswilde:disqus PokemonGo++ updated for 1.29.1. Enjoy 🙂

    • Adrian

      cheers for the link buddy 🙂

      • Ali


    • Josh SuperStars Wilde

      thnx i have it running smooth on my iphone , any hope for the droid users?

  • Basillis Mpiniaris

    Hello my friends what is the donor version and how to activate??

  • Jack Mehoff

    Screw your donor version, doesn’t work even if you try, just put the IV back

    • Ali

      I’m not the one who made this. The creators decided to limit some features for donors only.

  • Instinct

    Donor version does not work. I’m going to miss the IV feature. Guess its back to pen and paper to get exact IV.

    • Josh SuperStars Wilde

      there are several IV included poke sniper wbsites

  • Stephanie Fung Lai

    No more IV????????? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ali

      IV is for those who donate. You can do it from the settings of PokemonGo++
      P.S: I didn’t create this hack.

  • Agam Prabhakar

    donor version not working, after donating and trying to click on activate donor version, the screen goes blank and then pops back to the ‘actiavte donor version’

  • Smoop

    No IV, moves or pokemon icons to lead you to the spot while walking? BOOOOOOOOOO!

    • Ali

      IV is for those who donate. You can do it from the settings of PokemonGo++
      P.S: I didn’t create this hack..

  • 二宮武

    Cydia impactor is stopped on the generation application map screen.
    And the process does not end . And the warning that have already completed does not come out.