download Pokemon Go++ 1.31.0 hack 0.61.0

Here’s how you can download Pokemon Go++ 1.31.1 and 0.61.0 iPA hack for iOS without jailbreak.

Niantic has started rolling out a new version of Pokemon Go with the build number 1.31.0 for iOS and 0.61.0 for Android. The latest update contains a number of small changes, various bug fixes, and performance improvements.

According to the changelog, these are the new changes:

  • Added Traditional Chinese language support.
  • Updated Pokemon collection screen scroll bar.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Minor text fixes.

With this update, it means that users who use the Pokemon Go hack must also update in order to continue using it. For those who are new to the Pokemon Go++ hack, it allows you to move around the map with a joystick, view IV stats of a Pokemon creature before capturing it, spoof your locations, and much more.

In this guide, we will show you how to download the latest Pokemon Go++ hack and enjoy using the features that it provides.

Download Pokemon Go++ 1.31.0 Hack for iOS

Step 1: If you have Pokemon Go already installed, then remove it first.

Step 2: Download the following files on your computer:

Update (April 9, 2017): Niantic had forced an overnight updated. The hack is now re-updated for 1.31.0. Stay tuned for future updates by following us on Twitter or Facebook.

Note: the IV feature had issues with the new update, so it has been removed until it gets fixed.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 4: Open Cydia Impactor and drag and drop the Pokemon Go++ iPA file onto Impactor.

Step 5: You’ll be asked to enter your Apple ID and password for installation.

Step 6: Cydia Impactor will begin installing Pokemon Go++ on your device. Once done, you should see Pokemon Go on your Home screen.

Step 7: Before opening Pokemon Go, go to Settings -> General -> Profiles ( or “Device Management”). Find the profile with your Apple ID and open it.

Step 8: Tap on the Trust button.

Step 9: Go back to the Home screen and open Pokemon Go.

That’s all you need to do to install the Pokemon Go 1.31.0 hack onto your iPhone and enjoy all the new features that it provides.

Note: it seems that they have now limited some of the features to donors only, so you can unlock them by donating some amount of money via the app.

We also have a guide for downloading other iPA files:

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  • Stephanie Fung Lai

    still 1.29.1?

    • Ali

      The hack will be updated as soon as 1.31.0 is released for iOS. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • heartwing

        Can you not post that you have the latest version when you don’t? The link sent me to some bogus site that forced a shutdown of my computer……

  • Kris Srikanth

    the new hack is working fine but the loading screen details are still the same??

  • jesus niño

    No tiene boton para ver los IVs del pokemon en esta version verdad?

    • Ali

      English plz

      • Eddie Bermudez

        he said the same as olleer

    • Eddie Bermudez

      los IV tienes problemas con el update, por ahora va a dejar los IV para despues

  • Olleer

    The new Pokemon Go++ 1.31.0 doesnt’ have IV?

    • Ali

      They have limited that feature to donors. By donating $5/mo, you can get that feature along with many other stuffs. You can find the donation in the settings section of the hack.

  • Ali

    @stephaniefunglai:[email protected]:disqus
    Pokemon Go++ has been updated for 1.31.0. Enjoy:)

  • Beate Noll-Jordan

    Cydia Impactor stops at GeneratingApplicationMap 🙁

    • Josh SuperStars Wilde

      If u downloaded it b4 it will , u need remove files and download again

  • Nick Schulz

    When will the actual file be added?

  • Dave Wayde

    Anyone know how to get this to work since update on 8april|? Mine just keeps saying update pokemon go. I delete all versions of game prior, never had an issue before..

    • heartwing

      That’s because it’s not 1.31.0 but an older version. I really don’t understand why these sites post that they have a version that they don’t. We’ll just have to wait until someone posts the ACTUAL update.

      • Dave Wayde

        If one releases today can you take a moment and let me know here?

    • Ali

      Guys, Niantic had forced an overnight update, that’s why it stopped working. The hack has now been re-updated. Please check the link again.

  • heartwing

    Can you not post that you have the latest version when you don’t? It’s not 1.31.0 because it’s still forcing an update…..

    • Nick Schulz

      For real.

      • Ali

        It was for 1.31.0, but Niantic had forced an overnight updated. Therefore, hack has now been re-updated for 1.31.0.

        • heartwing

          Why did Niantic use the same version number for an update? Trippy.

  • Misadventure Happenings

    I hope you blow off the negativity people leave in their comments. Thank you for the update!

    • Nick Schulz

      Is it working now?

      • Misadventure Happenings

        working fine.

    • Ali

      Thanks for the clarification! @misadventurehappenings:disqus

  • Ali

    @heartwing:disqus @davewayde:disqus @disqus_8GRi5xVT9B:disqus Niantic had forced an overnight updated. The hack has now been re-updated for 1.31.0. Please let me know if the new one works now.

    • Nick Schulz

      Thank you.

      • Ali

        Working now? P.S: works fine for me.

      • heartwing

        Which link do we use? Two go to facebook, one to a spam site, and one to iosninja with no hyperlink.

        • Ali

          What do you mean? O_o

    • heartwing

      Thank you!

    • Shelly Shook

      I keep getting an error that impactor has quit working and it shuts down and doesn’t complete the install. I downloaded the latest impactor and pokego and also revoked certificate. Any suggestions?

      • Ali

        Can you try on a different computer?

  • Kirsty Sinclair

    working now

    • heartwing

      Thank you! Which link do we click? One took me to a site claiming my computer had the “Zeus virus” and forced a shutdown while another took to took ios ninja where there’s no link. I’m confused….

      • Kirsty Sinclair

        i already replied to this with a link but looks like it got deleted…. click in the link here… it goes to ios ninja then click download that goes to zippyload then click download on that page. bit of a piss take but it works. normally you do only have to click one thing and it works but ah well lol.

  • Cristhian Venecia

    I keep getting this error



    _assert(plist_get_node_type(plist) == PLIST_STRING

    • Oscar Chapital

      I have the same problem! I used it amazingly for 7 days then Did once again all the process and got that plist.hpp:92 =( does anyone know what’s that mean? thnx

    • lilprincesstoo

      Same problem :'(

    • lilprincesstoo

      update: you might get that error, but it still works! I simply closed impactor after that error. PoGo was already on my phone and worked fine (y)

    • Ali

      @cristhianvenecia:[email protected]_chapital:disqus Sometimes when you get this error, PokeGo already gets installed on your device so check to see if its there. If not, please try installing with a different computer.

  • 林進丁

    Still can’t see the IV function.

    • Ali

      The IV has issues with the new update, so it has been removed until it gets fixed..

  • ArTchN Ei8th

    The IV Calculator is not available and the IV Calculator is not showing up at the start of captures. Pokestops and Gyms icons on the map are not showing up or the Gyms are not the team that they are on the game as they are on the map.

    • Ali

      The IV has issues with the new update, so it has been removed until it gets fixed.

      • ArTchN Ei8th

        Thanks. Also, I’ve noticed that teleporting is also having issues when entering coordinates from PokeSnipers App. It’s either not sending you to the correct locations or the spawning time is not accurate. Any news about that?

  • Monkey D.

    Impactor it gives me an error on password of my account. But the password it is the same that I always put 🙁

  • Mr2mauricio .

    doesnt work for me, the joystick doesnt appear 🙁

  • Chun Kuang William Chan

    It doesn’t work, I first have the ccp:168 error. Then I tried to solve the error by using the ccp:150 error solution as suggested by you, but then after i tried doing do, I have another error which is installer.ccp71: application already installed as incompatible team

  • Jesús Niño Cantú

    Can I use the plus with the hack?

  • Stephanie Fung Lai

    I want the IV back badly!!!!! >_<

    • Ali

      Not added yet 🙁 I’m keeping an eye on it. Will let you know when its back.

  • Account 4

    works great! thanks alot! just wondering if anyone has been banned using this

  • Casey Smith

    Is there a working cydia tweak for version 1.31? my game now crashes with the one I had been using

  • ArTchN Ei8th

    Did Discord remove the iV calculator from the free version of the .ipa and move it to the “Donor Version” of the .ipa, so now the only way to get the IV calculator is if you become a donor and donate to them or their affiliates? (Bummer!)

    • Ali

      No, the IV calculator has issues so it was removed until fixed.

  • FUCK APPLE. Now i get in Cydia

  • Ali
  • Agung Nugroho

    Yeaah work, but for scaner not work anyone ?