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Here’s how you can save the storage space on your iPhone by clearing Twitter’s cached data and content.

Twitter is a popular social network platform to stay on top of the latest news, view funny images and memes, stay in touch with friends and much more. One thing that you may not be aware about is that some content that you view on Twitter in iOS are cached on your iPhone, such as images and tweets. The reason behind this is to avoid re-downloading these data every time you open Twitter.

By caching the content, Twitter also allows you to view these content in offline mode. The drawback of caching data is that it can take a considerable amount of storage space over time. This is why it’s recommended that you regularly clear app caches to saveĀ  storage space. Only some apps offer an option to clear their cached content and data.

Twitter’s latest update now adds an option for clearing the app’s cache. In this tutorial, we will show you how to find this option and clear the Twitter cached content and data.

How to Clear the Twitter App Cache in iOS

Step 1: You need to have Twitter version 6.73.1 or later installed, so head to the App Store and update Twitter to the latest available version.

Step 2: Open Twitter on your iPhone.

Step 3: Go to the Me tab.

Step 4: Tap on the gear icon and then choose Settings from the menu.

twitter settings ios

Step 5: Under General, open Data Usage.

clear twitter app cache ios

Step 6: Here you’ll find a section labelled Storage and it has two options; Media Storage and Web Storage. These cache the media and web content of Twitter on your iPhone. Next to each of these options, you’ll find the total space of their cached content.

clear twitter app cache ios

Step 7: Open Media Storage and tap on Clear media storage. This removes the cached photo, GIF, and Vine data.

Step 8: Go back and open Web Storage. Tap on the Clear all web storage button. This removes all of Twitter’s web data, including cookies and logins.

If you’ve been using Twitter for a long time, then the cache might be consuming a large portion of your iPhone’s storage. In my case, this was around 1.1GB. By clearing Twitter’s cache, you can save a lot of space that can be used for storing other important data. If you’re running low on storage space then I would highly recommend that you consider deleting Twitter’s cached content.

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