clear google chrome cache mac windows

Here’s how you can clear the cache in Google Chrome on Windows or Mac and free some storage space on your computer’s hard drive.

When you visit websites using Google Chrome, it automatically caches certain files on that page such as images, CSS stylings, JavaScript files, and so on. This allows the browser the load the page much faster the next time you visit it as most files are pre-stored (cached) on your computer’s hard drive.

While caching allows pages to load faster, it also consumes storage space. Over time, the cache can grow in size to take a considerable amount of space on your computer’s hard drive. It can also be a privacy issue for some. Therefore, we recommend that you clear Google Chrome’s cache every once in a while or when you’re running into low storage space.

Here’s how you can clear Google Chrome cache on Windows or Mac.

How to Clear Google Chrome Cache on Mac

Step 1: Open Google Chrome.

Step 2: On Mac, click on the Chrome menu in the menu bar and select Clear Browsing Data… . On Windows, press the Ctrl + H keys to open the History page and then click on the Clear Browsing Data button in the sidebar.

clear browsing data mac

Step 3: A popup is displayed with a list of items to clear. Tick the checkbox for Cached images and files.

clear google chrome cache mac windows

Step 4: From the dropdown that says “Obliterate the following items from:“, select the period of time to clear the cached data. If you wish to clear the entire cache, then choose “the beginning of time“.

clear google chrome cache windows mac

Step 5: Click on the Clear browsing data button.

Google Chrome will now clear all of its cached data stored on your computer’s hard drive. You may also notice that the pages you used to visit previously now take some time to load. This is because the cached files have been removed so the browser has to download all the files of that page again and cache the important ones.

If you face any issues, let us know in the comments below.

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